Website Design & Creation
As part of my work as a research assistant, I developed the project website for the PINOT research project. I used the content management system WordPress, which enabled me to design the site in a user-friendly and appealing way. I used AffinityDesigner to design the site’s logo, which features a stylised wine jug.
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Procreate
  • Student Assistant
  • Research Project
PINOT is a research project to develop artificial intelligence for oenological technology and aims to facilitate the work of winemakers, cellar masters, cooperatives, merchants and sommeliers. With the help of sensors and artificial intelligence, PINOT is intended to support and supplement the human perception of nose, tongue and mouth with reproducible measured values that reflect the relevant sensory parameters. This enables a more objective evaluation of grapes, must and wine and facilitates the work of winemaking.

By measuring and documenting the measured values in digital form and translating them into metrics and texts with artificial intelligence, it becomes possible to record the taste of wine along the entire production chain from the grape to the consumer. In this way, recommendations for action can be derived for winemakers and cellar masters, and traders are supported in the detection of incorrect deliveries or fraud.
The website aims to provide an overview of the partners, funding and content of the project.